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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Progressing Nicely...

Since asking D to read my blog, we haven't had too much time alone because he's been working late and general family stuff gets in the way. We did have a rather rough and lovely quickie this morning in the bathroom after our son went off to school and our daughter was still asleep. It's strange how much I used to hate our quick little meetings in the morning...and now I relish them and look forward to them. When I was sitting on my vanity bench and he walked up to me, bent down and firmly pulled my mouth to his (his hand on the back of my neck is an instant turn on), my skin tingled. I was more than eager to take him into my mouth and get him hard. I used to resist and gag when he pushed too hard, but now I just relax and let it happen. The result is a much more satisfying experience for both of us (maybe I should get my tongue pierced next - HA!).

And when he bent me over the counter and entered me, my pussy was wet with excitement (not like in the past when he'd have to use lubricant to moisten me in the morning) and ready for him. Man oh man, does he love my new nipple rings! I know it's killing him to have to be so gentle still...I know he just wants to yank on them...ecstasy for me. No more vanilla morning quickies for this old married couple. When he asked me to lift my leg and show him my pussy, I was very compliant and eager to please, and he was obviously turned on by my piercing there (which also feels delightful to me). So entered me again and then finished himself off while I kissed and carrassed him.

Have I mentioned that I love him more and more every day and that he's about the sexiest man I've ever met?

At the bookstore today I ran across one copy of "The Loving Dominant." When D comes home tonight (late), I'm going to give it to him along with the best blow job ever (or whatever else he needs from me).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn! what a way to start the morning. almost seems worth loosing some sleep for.
lemme know what d thinks of the book. maybe I need to get a copy for my husband.

6:53 PM  
Blogger *J* said...

Gabby - SM 101, by (I think) Jay Wiseman, is good too.

7:13 PM  

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