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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Taken In Hand: The submissive alpha female

Nothing exciting to report in my sexual evolution...unless you count suprising D with a morning BJ to start his day off with a smile. I used to never swallow, so I think he really likes it now that I do. It also used to really bug me when he'd grab my hair or force me down harder, but now I love the stuggle. It gives me so much pleasure to feel him cum in my mouth and know that it makes him feel good. I feel almost overwhelmed with how strongly I love him now...after all these years, I'm suddenly madly in love with my husband.

I'm obviously still trying to work all these new feelings out in my head. Why do I want to please him so badly and be dominated by him when I'm normally such an assertive, strong woman? How will this new dynamic play out in our daily lives? I'm not sure I like the whole "give it over to the man" concept of Taken in Hand or the severe rules and discipline or BDSM...where do we fit in?

Taken In Hand: The submissive alpha female: "The submissive alpha female

The submissive alpha female is a woman who is strong, confident, bold, and assertive in her life and her dealings with people in general – but who wants a dominant man in her life because she finds it sexually exciting to be dominated by a strong, powerful man. She might or might not be in a position of authority at work; but she has a personality and a level of competence such that she could be in such a position and command respect."

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Blogger tieme-n-spankme said...

Sounds like your husband already enjoys being pretty dominant!

The overwhelming flow of new feelings can make it hard to even know what you really want. Over time it seems (especially after reading other blogs) couples find a sweet spot for the level of D/s or DD they want in their lives. For me, it's all about sex! There's no way I can turn myself into a sub for day-to-day tasks. In our marriage even when we don't agree we do eventually reach a compromise. I like it that way, and I don't have the right type of subbiness (new word?) to be a 24/7 slave. However, when it comes to having him taking over my body, I'm putty in his hands.

Nice start to your blog, btw!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Gabby Hey said...

Thanks, hon. Your comment means a lot to me. I spent a lot of time reading your blog and it's helping me come to terms with my newly realized sexual needs.

Yes, my DH is already pretty dominant...he always has been. I don't think it's going to take much persuasion on my part to push him over the edge...he already likes my new responsiveness.

3:09 PM  

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