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Monday, July 25, 2005
Top Five Toys

Temptation started a new blog tag. For some reason, I really enjoy these things so I'm happy to answer her question of what 5 items in our collection of toys would we keep if we had to give up everything else. We have a lot of sex toys, but I'm not sure how "kinky" they are. Anyhow, here's my list.

Five Toys I Would Keep:

1. Definitely the purple jelly vibrator. #1 far and away.

2. Leather flogger. It's so soft and supple. It's yummy and evil in one package.

3. D's new remote control bullet vibrator. Don't tell him, but I love it!

4. Honey dust. It's not really a toy, but it plays a big part in almost all of our sexual activity. D loves to rub it on me...and I love him to lick it off of me.

5. New cuffs and bed ties. They're just starting to show up in our play.

Please note that the VBP did not make it on to the list.

Obviously, no one is obligated to answer, but I tag erica, Kaylem, and J (whom I miss and hope to hear from soon)! :-)

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Blogger Temptation said...

Awesome answers Gabby! Thank you so much for answering my tag (and for passing it on).

I am always fascinated to see what other people keep in their toy bags (and which items are their favorites).

Thanks again, and take care :)

8:18 PM  
Blogger *J* said...

No vibrating butt plug? I'm devastated! Himself went to bed with a headache (again), so I'll ask him what toys are keepers tomorrow.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where'd you find the honey dust??? I had some years and years ago, but now that I REALLY want some I can't find it anywhere :(

10:03 AM  

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