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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Fisting Funny!

From the Overheard in New York Blog:

Guy on cell: You can't fist someone for that long. They turn into a handpuppet after 5 minutes. --47th & 5th

I laughed so hard that my coffee almost came out my nose. Lovely.

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Ode to D

I love the way he smells - Tommy Bahama cologne with just a hint of a fine cigar (I know, I'm weird).

I love the way he lets the kids climb all over him on the floor.

I love how he really knows me, and still loves me anyway.

I love how his long arms can completely envelope me in a hug.

I love how he touches my body and makes me feel beautiful and sexy.

I love how he still surprises me.

I love the little wrinkles that are starting to show up around his eyes.

I love how he intuitively knows what I want and what I need.

I love how he still trusts me.

I love how supportive he's been through my addiction and recovery.

I love it when he does the dishes.

I love how he knows when I'm blue and need a kiss...or a hard smack on the ass. :-)

I love his raw sexuality.

I love his body.

I love his mouth on me.

I love his hands on me.

I love how his kisses still give me goosebumps.

I love how he pretends to listen when I go off on one of my monologues.

I love how proud he is of me.

I love the way he dresses.

I love how he makes me laugh.

I love to see him cuddle with our children.

I love how he believes in me.

I love how he allows himself to grow and change.

I love the way he fucks me.

I love my Darling D more today than ever.

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