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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Link Whore

Since several bloggers have recently posted their "Link Policy" for their blogs, I've decided to post mine. This is it (are you ready?): uh, I don't have one. Basically, I'm a blogrolling whore. If I read something I like or am intrigued by (even in a bad way), then I link to it. I try to clean up my links every once in awhile, but frankly I don't think much about it.

There you go.

BTW, I've just started catching up on some of my blogs and I realized I missed a whole little drama in blogdumb. Bummer. I don't judge anyone (well, I try not to anyway) and I have fallen in love with a lot of wonderful people via their blogs, but I think I'm missing the boat on the whole lifestyle thing. In any lifestyle, the goal is happiness and the key is balance. If it don't work, change it. But, whatever. You guys are starting to fuck with my sobriety! Nah. Just kidding. It just seems so much easier when it's just about the kink, ya know. What does Hustler say? "Relax, it's just sex."

I think I'm gonna go find my hunky husband and beg for a spanking...

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Super Mom/Kinky Love Vixen

Holy Moly! Has it been that long since I've posted? Eek! Well, dear kinky friends, I have not relapsed, nor have I fallen off the edge of the planet. And I definitely haven't given up exploring my passion for my Darling D. I've just been trying slowly (ha! sure.) to blend back into real life. I've sort of thrown myself back into work and shifted gears back to (da da ta da!) Super Mom mode. See, I can bring home the bacon (the veggie bacon, that is) and fry it up in a pan (as long as D does the dishes afterwards). ;-) Living out in the friggin' boonies and carting kids around to gymnastics, jujitsu, tumbling, swimming and chess can be a little time consuming (I have to give thanks for Joss Stone, the Black Eyed Peas, and Green Day). I won't even mention that it cost me $65 to fill the damn minivan. But, I do have some really juicy little tales of lust to share with you so stay tuned. I promise I won't be gone again.

All that being said, I have really felt blessed, humbled and saddened by the aftermath of the recent hurricanes. My silly little sex life sometimes seems so small and unimportant in the face of such hardship. So, for anyone out there trying to rebuild their lives, my prayers are with you.

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