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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Something has changed. Something is different. After a brief lull in our sexual frenzy, he's picked up the pace and then some. He's adoring and affectionate and demanding and rough. And oh so confident in his sexual domination over me. Pinches and teasing here and there. Serious smacks on the ass while dressing. Insisting on lacey panties and matching bras under clothing. Admiring the new pink titanium barbells in my nipples before hungrily biting them. I feel like he's working up to something. I know he is.

We'll be alone tonight. No children. I'm nervous and excited. How ever did I get so lucky?

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My hunky husband has been over-occupied (I'm pretty sure that's not a word, but it fits) with work for the last couple of weeks and the kids have pretty much dominated the household with school and activities. So, needless to say, it's been pretty boring sex-wise in our home. Until Sunday, when I decided to sit down atthe laptop and do a little work in between laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I decided to take a little peak at Lauren Dane's new e-book, Second Chances. I sat down and read that whole book in one sitting. It was smart and fun and delicious, and just a little sad. I loved it. And, frankly, it made me really, really horny for some good sex...not just those little quickies caught in the morning while the kids are still asleep.

Yesterday morning I called D at work to let him know that I was wearing my silky pink g-string panties and my lacey pink bra. For motivation. Being the wicked man he is he turned the tables on me a little while later by calling and torturing me verbally with descriptions of what he was going to do to my body when he got home. Wonderful things that included nibbling on my clit piercing through my panties and spanking my ass until it glowed red. I was in a tizzy. I knew my cunt was sloppy wet. I was almost grateful when he told me we could meet at home for lunch.

The things that my man can do to my body with his hands and mouth are amazing. [[giggle]] I'm getting wet just thinking about him. Part of my recovery is not to dwell on my past, but it makes me a little sad when I think about the time I wasted not enjoying his love and his passion. Oh well, anyway, back to the now where life is good. Every touch from tender to firm to deliciously painful leaves no question as to his feelings for me. The glint in his eye as he tells me to roll over is devilish, but always loving and protective. I revel in the touching and tugging, but I also enjoy those sweet moments when our eyes meet. There is so much comfort and pleasure in knowing a man for so long and having been through so much life as a team. Knowing he's the only person in the world that really knows and still loves me despite my imperfections. As I ride his cock which fits me so perfectly, I know that I will always love him and that I will always be his. As I feel his hand let go of mine and slowly caress the back of my neck and the grab my hair I go over the edge. The climax hits me so strongly I almost lose my balance. OMG. On and on. When it finally subsides I'm exhausted and filled with that wonderful, soft contented feeling.

I love nooners. I love my husband

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