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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sometimes what you think you want least is what you need most. His hands. His voice. Demanding me now. Sorry, no. No time. Too busy. Not in the mood. Yes, now. Now. Take your clothes off and lay on the bed.

Sometimes I just need him. I know he watches me like a hawk. Sadly, he watched his wife spiral down into a pit for over 2 years and doesn't want me falling back in. I won't. I know that, but he doesn't. So, he watches. Ready to give me that hand or strong shoulder when I need it. He seems to know now before I do when I'm floundering or overwhelmed. His demand this morning was less of wanting to dominate or fuck me, and more of helping to recenter and reconnect with me.

His hands on my breasts, pinching the nipples, sucking on the pink titanium barbells that mark his ownership of me and my love for him. His hand on the back of my neck (my god, I get chills just thinking about it), guiding and caressing. His other hand firmly on my ass, pulling my wetness up to meet his gloriously hard cock. Slow and determined. Loving and commanding.

And, finally, explosion. For a moment we are the same entity. We share everything. It's all there: the life, the pain, the joy, the years all flow into this one moment.

It's hard to seperate and go about the normalcy of the day after sharing such an intense exchange, but we do. Somehow, I'm better now. Reconnected.

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