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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
What (I think) I know for sure.

I'm feeling superficially introspective today. This whole blogging-about-my-sex-life thing has been quite a journey. Actually, I guess it's been an interesting part of my journey, which has been much bigger than an online journal kept under a false name (now don't be disappointed, my name isn't really Gabby Hey).

Although my mantra is balance, balance, balance, almost everything that I do screams overdo and overwhelm (it's the addict in me, I'm sure). One minute I strongly believe "A" is the right way to do something, and then I realize that "B" may be a good option too. I think the longer I'm sober and the farther along the path of recovery I am, I realize that my hard and fast rules no longer exist. Honesty and integrity have started to take the place of self righteousness and ego.

Basically, what I know for sure is that nothing is set in stone. That love can seem dead and grow again from almost nothing. That love knows no boundaries and can be found in unusual and unexpected places. That the most joy and reward often comes from the most difficult journey and hardship. That there are miracles and signs everywhere if we choose to open our eyes and see them and open our ears and hear them. That every day I share with the people I love is a gift to be appreciated and cherised.

Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays!

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